⚠️ Attention: Women with service-based online businesses ⚠️


Your Freedom Era Starts Now
Your business can be what fuels your life.
not what steals it.
Your Freedom Era Starts Now
Let’s get straight to it.
Do you ever feel…
  • Maxed out on time but your income isn’t where you want it yet
  • ​Lost and stuck on your next business move
  • ​That you’re working harder than you need to, without the results to show for it
  • ​Held back by annoying mindset blocks costing you irreplaceable time
  • Alone and isolated as you run your business
  • Misalignment between your business model and how you want to live your life
  • ​That you’re not living up to your full potential
If this is familiar territory to you — you’re in the right place.
And as a mom, your family is a big reason you took the leap into entrepreneurship in the first place.
You’re driven and ambitious, ready to make big moves in your business and life
You don’t want to run yourself (or your family) into the ground in the name of success.
Right now, it feels like your business goals and life goals are getting in each other’s way.

The freedom you were looking for — time, financial, lifestyle — is nowhere to be found.

Not exactly what you signed up for 👎


The big question is:
How do you shape your business to be freedom-based?

Where it supports your dream life, and you feel totally awesome and guilt-free about it

I’m with you there.

Hey, I’m Lauren Golden!

I’ve always been what you’d call high-performing, determined, and self-made.

If I want something, that’s it. I take the necessary steps to achieve it and enlist help so I can do it faster.

Let’s rewind for a minute though.

I started The Free Mama™ in 2014 in the aftermath of a personal tragedy — my miscarriage.

The loss of our baby opened my eyes to a future where I wasn’t held down by my 9-5 and only able to give my family the scraps that were left of me by the end of the day.

Not long after, I started The Free Mama Movement and showed other moms how to pursue their own freedom and guilt-free futures through starting their own virtual service-based businesses.

This led to a growing online community, business coaching and mentorship, live events, public speaking, business accolades, and so on.

I was doing and achieving a lot in my business (with the help of my amazing team), when in 2021,

Our family was hit with a mental health crisis of one of our children.

Everything got turned upside down.

During this painful time,

I realized that I, the original Free Mama, wasn’t free at all.

I felt shackled to my business and the expectations of someone at my level.
My business was supposed to allow family and finances to happily coexist — yet it wasn’t.

In fact, both were on the brink of disaster.

If I wanted to save them, I had to make some serious decisions and big changes…pretty much overnight.

Through all the chaos, I finally came to understand what a freedom-based business really looked like for me.

It was all-encompassing — who I allowed close to me. What I consumed. How I lived.

It became the driving force behind all my decisions.

Now, my business doesn’t run my life — it funds my life and fuels my freedom. It allows me to leave my mark on the world.

From everything I’ve learned, I’m here to show you that.

Doing less can give you more.

Noemi’s time and income potential were maxed out… now she’s retired her husband & surpassed $1 million — all while staying true to herself and calling the shots in her life.

Super common (and totally fixable) things that are stealing your freedom:

  • Trying to piece together alllll the information on the interwebs and turn it into a business plan
  • ​Investing in coaching that makes big promises but doesn’t deliver
  • Working way harder than necessary
  • Guessing on your next business move and hoping for the best
  • Reinventing the wheel
  • Believing your path to success should look like someone else’s
  • ​Trying to be in all the places, do all the things, and have all the offers
  • ​Getting stuck in mindset traps
  • Giving up and pivoting too soon
  • ​Doing it alone

And who could blame you?!

The real culprit? 

Three (of many) problems in the online business space:


It’s full of contradicting advice on what to do to have a successful business.


 It’s also full of coaches who promise you the moon and stars, only to severely disappoint you once you’ve invested.


It encourages and rewards the Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed approach — which for us moms, means sacrificing everything to push our businesses forward. 

I’ve seen firsthand the enormous cost the whatever it takes mindset can have on entrepreneurs, especially those with families. 

It’s. Not. Pretty.

And we’re not here for it.

So here’s the truth:

All the ways of growing and scaling your business work — but not when you try to do them all at once.

(It’s kinda scandalous for a business coach to admit this… but I’m not your typical business coach 😉)

You’re ready and hungry for the next level in your business.

You’re self-aware enough to know that you need help so you can do it faster and with more ease.


You want to actually enjoy your life in the process.

 So what if you could know exactly what to do in your business in order for your life to look the way you want it?

Picture yourself with:

  • Fewer Hours
  • ​Less Guesswork
  • ​Less Burnout
  • ​Fewer Obstacles
  • ​Less Isolation
  • ​Less Overthinking
  • ​Less Complacency
  • ​Fewer Mistakes
  • More Money
  • More Clarity
  • ​More Fulfillment
  • ​More Time
  • ​More Connection
  • ​More Action
  • ​More Growth
  • ​More Results

If you want to move to each new level in your business faster and with more ease, without working yourself into the ground and hating everything around you…

If you want to have a truly freedom-based business…

Consider this your official welcome to the place where you can:

  • Make more money by working fewer hours
  • ​Better yourself, build your character and confidence, and hone your leadership potential
  • Make real connections with other women who want to see you win
  • ​Craft your business to fuel your freedom — time, financial, and lifestyle

The Free Mama Membership is definitely for you if you want:

  • More money, faster
  • ​More ease and less overwhelm in your business
  • Personalized guidance on the smartest steps to take for your end goal
  • Confidence that you’re living up to all your wonderful potential
  • ​To prioritize your life exactly how you want it
  • Exponential growth in your business, mindset, and lifestyle
Even during the hardest time in her life, Kendra transitioned from 1:1 service provider to business coach and achieved milestones she never dreamed of.
Let me guide and support you on the road to your freedom-based business with the entire Free Mama community as your cheerleaders and business besties.

Here’s how your Free Mama Membership works

  • You’ll be welcomed into our super active, members-only community on Skool, an easy to use platform that’s kinda like a Facebook group, only a lot better. Everything you need lives here — all your trainings and courses, community discussion, calendar of events, and more

  • Participate in weekly calls hosted by yours truly to help you level up your skills, conquer your mindset, and network with other Free Mamas

  • Teach others what you know by applying to be a featured member — talk about mega exposure and confidence building!

  • Be among the first to know about job opportunities, Free Mama events, and other perks of being on the inside

  • ​Need to get in touch with me privately? My DMs are always open

⬇️ Take a peek at what’s waiting for you ⬇️

Take a peek at what’s waiting for you

 As a Free Mama member, you get alllll the goods

(Including assets previously only available in my $15k investment masterminds!)

We’re talking about training videos, courses, masterclasses, templates, swipe copy, & bonuses worth well over $20k!

Inside your Free Mama Membership platform, you’ll have instant access to:

A buzzing, highly engaged community who has each other’s backs!

Ask questions, share your wins, and get support and feedback from both me and the other members in the active community discussion.

Each month, join me and the other Free Mamas for:

Here’s a look at the classes you can get your hands on:

IMPORTANT! You probably won’t need ALL of these courses or trainings. Take what you need, when you need it. You have access to everything, but you don’t need everything 😉

  • The Free Mama™ Freedom Framework
  • ​Specialized Niche Trainings
  • ​Grow Your Business: Prep For More Clients and Money
  • ​Prospect To Paid — one of my most popular trainings to date!
  • ​Need-To-Know Software Lab
  • ​Free Mama Live 2023 Replays

If you need to land new and better clients, level up a skill, get back to basics, explore new revenue streams, or are ready to scale — you’re covered!

These classroom resources ALONE are valued at $20k+

But you’ll get so much more…

Like another $25k worth in bonuses💃

Your step-by-step roadmap to scaling your service-based business through digital products and courses
Your guide through the process of going from 1:1 service provider to coach
Feast or famine? A distant memory when you follow this reliable client acquisition process by taking sustainable actions that don’t waste your time or give you the ick
Get ready to swoon when you see a template for just about any business need you can imagine (with new ones added every month!). We’re talking emails, designs, funnels, and wayyyy more

And we can’t forget these sweet extras:

  • Free Mama Swag
  • Free Mama Affiliate Program $$
  • ​Opportunity For A 1:1 Coaching Call With Me
  • Opportunity For A Personal Note From Me

I know, it’s crazy.

Over $45,000 worth of high-level training, resources, community, and hands-on coaching

All for just:

No commitment. Cancel anytime.


No commitment. Cancel anytime.


Casey became her most confident, capable, and empowered self while making a name for herself in her niche and earning over 6 figures as a 1:1 copywriter.

You will not find the level of


in a no-commitment, highly affordable membership like you will here

You can continue with business as usual...

Except business as usual isn’t getting you what you want, and it’s draining you in the process.


You could decide to buy back your time by making the right moves that will give you the freedom-based business you’re hungry for.

Are you in?


Financing Availiable!

CLICK ON the "Complete enrollment" button at checkout to Pay with Paypal or PayPal Financing.

(0% interest for 6 months)

Questions that a smarty pants like you might ask:

Is The Free Mama Membership right for me?

That decision is yours, of course, but let me run down some things you should know.

The Free Mama Membership is for women with an online service-based business who are looking for a way to make more money without working more hours; who want to pursue a business that allows their lives and families to come first; who are unwilling to work themselves to death in the name of success; and who desire coaching and guidance so they can reach their goals quicker and easier.

The most successful women in this membership are driven and coachable; they don’t make excuses and also show themselves grace; they’re self-aware and ready to tackle obstacles rather than getting complacent and stagnant; they know that a successful business takes work, while understanding that they can achieve this without working all the time.

How is this different from other business coaching memberships or groups?

I can confidently and proudly say that The Free Mama Membership is quite different from other groups or memberships of its kind. As someone who has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into my own business via coaching, mentorship, courses, and so on — I’ve seen some things 😬

I’ve also gotten hundreds of messages through the years from women who told me they enrolled in other programs and were very let down by their experience — feeling screwed over by big promises that weren’t kept once they paid up.

At this price point and with a no-commitment model, you simply won’t find even close to the same level of access, community support, care, and resources than you will here.

When does my membership begin?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you’re in! The Free Mama Membership is a monthly community membership with several pre-recorded self-paced courses and trainings based on your needs and goals; weekly live calls with myself and other members over a range of topics; and always-open community discussion. Your Free Mama Membership subscription will begin on the date you enroll and you can cancel anytime.

I’m up to my eyeballs with my business, family, and general adulting. I'm really not sure I have time for this.

I hear you, and I’ve been in your shoes. This is a huge part of where my passion began for building my own freedom-based business and then coaching other women to do the same. The goal of a freedom-based business is making the time to create it now, which will allow you to have your priorities exactly where you want them in the not-too-distant-future. It’s all about doing less so you can have more.

Is there a specific time commitment required?

Nope! By joining The Free Mama Membership, you’re making a commitment and investment into your business and yourself. The more care and attention you give it, the more you’ll get out of it. As your coach, I’ll show up for you and help you however I can…you first have to show up for yourself :)

Do I need to complete all the courses and trainings, or attend every call?

Also nope! As a member, you’ll have access to everything — but you don’t need to do everything. There’s a big difference there! The courses and trainings will always be there when you’re ready for them, or if they apply to your specific goals. I strongly recommend you attend as many of weekly calls as you can for live, face-to-face interaction with me and your peers.

Do you offer payment plans?

We don't offer payment plans. We have priced it to be as accessible for our members as possible. There are no long-term commitments or contracts required.

Do I get to keep access to everything forever?

As long as you’re an enrolled member, you’ll have access. You can cancel your membership at any time, but you will lose access at that time.

I have a different question that you didn't answer!
No problem! Just email me and ask or talk to someone at Team Mama by leaving a message at (832) 910-7398 and we'll get right back to you!

My final note to you

You can create a successful, freedom-based business on your own. I have zero doubt about that.

However, you’re a lot more likely to get stuck, make mistakes, and run yourself ragged in the process. It’s just not worth it.

I’ve walked the road you’re on.

I know the path ahead looks hazy, but I can clearly see the other side.

I know how to walk you through your fastest path to success to live your own totally awesome, guilt-free life. 

And to help you avoid burning out or letting other areas of your life slip as you pursue big business goals.

The Free Mama community and I are with you through all the highs and lows of your journey.

Your freedom-based business is completely within your reach.

Your drive and determination + the best community and highly accessible and personal coaching and training…

Means your success is inevitable.

We’d love for you to join us right now.